Recreational Program

NCYSA Playing Rules

Sky River U5 Playing Rules

Sky River U7 Playing Rules

We offer recreational soccer -

Spring and Fall our U5, U6, U7 will be in-house, all games will be Monroe and on Saturdays.

Spring will be a six (6) game season and Fall is eight (8) games.

U6/U7 teams will practice 1 or 2 days per week during the week.

U4/U5 teams do not practice during the week; Practice/games will be on Saturdays.


In the Fall our U8 - U19 teams play a ten (10) game season in the NCYSA Rec. League:

U8 teams may play on Saturdays or Sundays (coach can choose).

U9, U10, U11, U12 will play most Saturdays and some Sundays.

U13 - U15 B/G play on saturdays.

U16 - U19 B/G play on sundays.

U8 and older teams will generally practice twice a week. .

For fall schedules U8 and above go to


Spring our U8 - U14 players will play a six (6) game season in the NCYSA Rec. League

(games will be on saturdays).


In the spring the club may offer an Academy Program; this is a training program only, with outside club paid instructors. You can choose to participate in the academy only or also in the spring league for nominal fee.