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Standing Committees

Have you wondered how all the
things for the soccer season
are done? Want to see changes?
Or just want to help out.
The soccer club needs you.
Please contact us t
here are
always openings on the committees.

a. Ways and Means Committee,
responsible for the fund raiser/s.
b. Disciplinary Committee, responsible
for handling all disciplinary action
and for hearing all complaints
involving the Club.
c. Coaches Committee, responsible
for coach selection.

d. Publicity Committee, resposible
for Club publicity and liaison
with local community.
e. Picture Committee, responsible
for procuring a contractor and
coordinating team/player picture
schedule and distribution of pictures.
f. Select Committee, responible for organizing
and promoting a select program.
g. Tournament Committee, responsible
for organizing, promoting, and
running soccer tournaments sponsored
by the Club.
h. Fees/Scholarship Committee review s
requests for reduced youth player fees
and/or scholarships.
i. Finance Committee chaired by
the Treasurer and shall have
general oversight responsibility
for the financial affairs of the Club.

j. Fields Committee, responsible for
acquisition, retention, maintenance
and work of fields.