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Sky River Club meetings
 are held on the 2nd Monday of
 each month, 

7:00 p.m., Monroe PUD

All members are welcome to attend.

 Minutes from 2016
Unfortunately, pets of any kind are not allowed on our fields at Fairfield County Park. This is true even if your dog never leaves your arms! Dogs are allowed in the parking lot but they shouldn’t be brought onto the fields. Signs are posted at the field.
We are looking for sponsors for our teams. If you know of a company that would like to
sponsor a team have them call 360-794-1609
Serving Monroe, Sultan and the Skykomish River Valley since 1974

Web site last updated 8-18-2019

CONTACT US: Phone 360-794-1609 Email

Looking for a coach for U8 boys (Monroe team).

Also need coaches for 1 U6/7 girls (Monroe team), 2 U6/7 boys (Monroe teams).

U7 Coaches meeting August 14th, PUD 7pm

Meeting for all coaches August 29th, 7pm Fairfield Park

Sky River has scheduled a Referee Clinic for August 25

at Fairfield Park, Monroe 10-3 pm. We really need referees it is a great way to make some extra money andgive back to your community. Must have turned 13 before registering.


clinic #1C-01-0819-NGR

See Referee page for further information

Season begin Sept 7th.

New this year the club will be adding a $30 Volunteer fee to the registration fees. If your family donates 2 hours (per player) of time between May 1 and Nov. 17 this fee will be refunded.

Interested in joining the Sky River Soccer Board or help coordiante a committee?

We are currently looking for a volunteer coordinator to help fill the various volunteer needs and track the volunteer hours for purposes of refunding the volunteer fee.

Also looking to fill 2 Board positions - VP Equipment and VP Fields.

Throughout the summer and fall season; we will update the website with ongoing projects

(watch the "Volunteers tab).

Contact us and help build our local soccer program.

And we always need referees!

Practices may begin for U8-U19 in late July (typlcally you will practice 2 days per week).

U6-U7 in mid August (recommended to only practice 1 day per week).

You will be contacted by the coach; coaches will set days/times of practice.

U4-U5 do not practice. See club FAQ's/Policies on our website for further information.

U4 - U7 will be an eight (8) week season. U8 - U19 will be a 10 game season.

Please review all data when registering to ensure we have correct information.

Team pictures are scheduled for Oct. 5th & 6th depending on your game schedule.


to register for a clinic go to

Entry Grade 8 clinics are 8 hour clinics recommended for those 13 and older, however no minimum age requirement. This clinic provides a black badge, and allows officiating youth and adult amateur matches. The written test is a 50 question test written to the 9th School grade reading level.

Congratulations Fall Rec. Season

U11B SR Raptors, Coach Aaron Valvas 1st Place

U12B SR Sounders, Coach Sean Ansell 2nd Place

U17B SR Linder, Coach Larry Linder 2nd Place

Are you interested in becoming a referee?

Referees are a crucial part of our game, we need you.

Referee Clinics are offered year round, to find a local clinic

go to

Contact Naomi for more information

Special Thank-you's!

  • Curt Mann! Jim Johnson! Chad Simon! for all the time spent on keeping our fields maintained and lined.

Washington Youth Soccer Respect Campaign

The Respect Campaign is an initiative to improve the playing environment for our youth players to enhance both player and character development.

Parent Tips (USYSA): Sideline Etiquette

The SRSC has adopted a policy to address Air Quality and when to hold practices. We have sent this to all our coaches and parents will receive the message in our Newsletter going out this week. Briefly- If the AQI is at 150 practices will be canceled. If a parent chooses to not send a child to practice or a coach may decide to cancel even if the AQI is in the "unhealthy stage" (100-149) that is OK. If practicing reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

SRSC Air Quality Policy LL.DOCX

Extreme Weather

Reminder to everyone that we play soccer in all weather conditions except lightning and unsafe field conditions.

Thinking ahead isn't a bad idea, however it is impossible to know what the weather will actually be like. It is not reasonable to consider pre-cancelling matches before we see what the conditions actually are, therefore Sky River Soccer will not be preemptively cancelling matches.

Getting to the match location is often not an issue, but worth considering a notification plan between coaches and then their respective families.

Referees are ultimately responsible for deciding if field conditions are safe to play.

You may hear that other clubs are closing fields for practices to save fields for games. Sky River may need to do this, but again we will evaluate the field conditions daily before making this decesion.

Sky River Soccer Club Board

Increased physical activity for children may save billions
Here's another reason to get your kids up and moving: Just a slight increase in American children's physical activity could save tens of billions of dollars in medical costs and lost wages, new research suggests.

The pros and cons of youth sports aren't only physical
Here are six risks and six benefits that parents of athletes of all ages should consider as they help their kids navigate the world of sport. Read more.

Parenting Education
Fostering Good Sportsmanship

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We are an all-volunteer organization. Behind every great organization are willing and dedicated volunteers that contribute to its success. Your time and talents are wanted! Be a coach? Prior knowledge or experience is not necessary, just a desire to be actively involved with your children and a willingness to learn. If we don't have enough coaches for every team, we have to turn away players. This is something that we absolutely do NOT want to do. We want every child to have the opportunity to play.

- Your boys and girls need you! A few hours, a few days, a few events...anything you can spare counts and make a difference. Demonstrate the power of volunteerism to your players by your ecample, and watch amazing things unfold not only in your life, but in the lives of everyone involved.Other areas to volunteer help is needed: summer tournament, concessions, field maintenance, field clean-up, lining and putting flags on game fields, help with fundraising. Be a field marshal, referee, team parent, board or committee member.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness information pamphlet

Parent/Athlete Concussion Awareness information pamphlet

Coaches please complete this 15 min course ASAP and provide club with copy of certificate

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness


2019 Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    Late registration excepted for the following ages:

    Boys & Girls U7 (2013), U6 (2014), U5 (2015), U4 (2016)

    U9 Boys (2011)

    U9 Girls (2011) 2 openings on Sultan team

    U11 Boys (2009) Monroe team

    U12 Girls (2008) Monroe team

    U13 Boys (2007) Sultan team

    Note that new this year the club will be adding a $30 Volunteer fee. If your family donates 2 hours (per player) of time between May 1 and Nov. 17 this fee will be refunded. More information will be sent in our Newsletter throughout the season. Or see the volunteer page for more infomation.

    To print a hard copy of the registration form click below and mail in with a check

    2019 Fall Soccer

    If you are unsure which age group your child falls under see the age chart.


    For financial aid email the registrar at to request an application.


    Important Notice for Coaches & Volunteers

    SRSC volunteers and coaches need to apply ASAP for their annual background check for the upcoming season at you will receive an email acknowledging your application. The club will be periodically checking Affinity for new RMAs and entering that info into Bonzi. All volunteers who work with the club need an RMA. This includes coaches, assistant coaches, and any person assisting the team during games or practices (eg. team manager, team parent, "practice coaches"). All volunteers should apply prior to August 1st.

    Coaches please complete this 15 min course ASAP and provide club with copy of certificate

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
    Lost and Found
    During the season lost and found items willl be posted here, contact 360-794-7489 or check at concession stand at
    Fairfield Park. Any item not claimed by the end of the season will be donated to Goodwill.
    All Found items from the Fall 2018 have been donated to Goodwill.